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Brahma refers to the creation of India.Brahma also known as the book, Borneo, the net, the Chinese area commonly known as four-sided Buddha (Buddhism, the big Vatican king of the Buddhism, specially referring to the Lord of the Yina Day, also known as the big Vatican King), is Indian BrahmanCreative gods, creators of Sanskrit letters.With the vowa, the wet woman is called the three main gods.
His mount is a peacock (or swan), spouse as a wisdom gods, so Brahma is often considered a god of wisdom.The temples in the Hunan Temple in India are extremely rare.
Chinese name
Foreign name
Book, Borneo, Net
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One of the three major primary gods in Hindu
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“Dado” is a kind of kindness that is incomparably, “there is a must-should-should-should”, with the legendary legend in Thailand, there is a lot of disciplines, mainly introducing India’s mythical legend, in India’s myths, as long as Whether it is “God, Magic, People”, he will allow them to be pleased. For example, (1) God, by Hindu, the wet woman is sent to the universe of the wet Po, who once requested to help the Dagne’s head down, Dagan is telling the wet beauty, in the way he is looking for it all the way To the first one and the northern creature, it took its head to replace the first level of thenesha. She was sent to his day, and finally found a dying elephant in the north. So wait until the elephant will take the head to the boy, Ggnesha is therefore resurrected to become a head god and become the head of the sky. (2) Big Brahma should create the Queen’s request to create the gods of the death
Regarding the magic cube, the devil “HiRanyakasipu” prayed to Brahma, and Brahma should be allowed to be gone by the devil from the world, and finally, it is necessary to “people” Lion Isxingha “defeated the devil and saved the world back.



When the universe is created, Brahma created eleven monks and is believed to be the ancestors of human beings. “Monk Code” said they were Marici, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratuj, Vashishta, Pracetas, Daksha, Bhrgu, and Narada. He also created septarishi to jointly assist the creation of the universe. But because the lives and holy sages he created were born from his spirit, they were called “the son of the soul”.
In “Vedic” and “Go to the World”, Brahma does not often involve the gods of the gods, and it is less involved in life and death. However, he once took Suo Shen (SOMA) to send the Trusha hijac. In addition, Brahma is regarded as a creator.



Born in Brahma has three:
(1) According to the “Go to the World”, Brahma is self-born, and there is no mother.
(2) On the occasion of the universe, the lotus on the navel on the navel produces Brass. This also shows that the name of Brahma is calledNabhija(It means “from the navel”).
(3) Brahma is born from the drifting of a fetus in the water, so Brahma is calledHiRanyagarbha(The meaning of the golden tire). Finally, the remaining part of the golden tire expand into the universe. Since he is born in the water, he is also known asKanja(Meaning “Born in water”). Brahma is the son of “Brahman) and a negative energy intrinsic (PRAKRTI) or illusion (Maya)



Four arms: Symbolizing the east, west, south, north direction, also symbolizing the soul (right rear arm), wisdom (left rear arm), self (right front arm), confident (left front arms).
Vedic: Symbolic knowledge.
gold: Symbolism is active in the universe, and the golden face is active when it is a cosmo in the cosmo.
swan: Symbolizes discerning, it is a vanship.
Peacock: The mount of Brahchie, this peacock is naturally able to separate milk and water, representing everyone to learn to distinguish good and evil, then Yang Shan abandon evil.
crown: Symbolize the highest position.
lotus: Symbolizing all the existence of all in the universe.
beard: Black or white beard symbolizes wisdom, while long necessarily symbolizes the eternal growth of wisdom.
Four faces: Four “Vedic”.
The traditional image of Brahma is four heads, four faces and four arms, and the mouth is constantly reading “Vedic Scriptures”. Special in Northern India, he often has a white beard, representing his almost eternal existence. Unlike other Hindu, there is usually no weapon in the hands of Brahma; but one of his hands holds a spoonful token, representing a match with sacred cream into self-sacrifice. This means that Brahma is the god of self-sacrifice. His hand holds a kettle (sometimes a coconut shell with water), the water in the pot represents everything, covering everything. Brahma also took a string of rosary and was a timer he calculated the time of the universe. In addition, he also took a symbolic “Vedic” or with the pure lotus representative.
There is also a myth legend to tell the origins of the foundation of Brahma. Brahma has five heads, the cause is awarded from the wet slave who is a creator who creates the universe. “He said,” He is a creator who creates the universe, so the phenomenon should also worship him “Brahman’s words My mother is anger, because the wet beauty is the creator who creates the universe, an angry wet woman is incarnation into the Bhairava, cut off the fifth head of Brahma, Parva (Bhairava means a horror killing . When I said that the wet husky flew out from the body of Witong, this god is Nan Di, Nan Di, cutting the fifth head of Brahma, cutting the Brahma’s head “Palava” or “South Di” “I made a crime of killing, the head of Brahma was slashing can’t leave” Pike “or” South Di “hand to punish, and later,” Palava “entered the” Erode “, Brahma was cut. From the hands of “Palava”, the shredded fragment became several “Kapala Tirtham).
Another version of “Nan Di” entered the holy city “Benares”, the head was cut in the hands of “South Di”. Although the Brahma is not in the same thing, the final Brahma is still a good time.



Sifang’s mount is a peacock (a swan). In Hinduism, all the gods of peacock mounts are three-phase god, representing the natural and evil, and then prolonging evil.



The most famous Vainon Temple is located in the town of Rajasthan, the town. In the year of the year, the night (10-1 November), people will start to celebrate for Brahma. Thousands of worshipers will swop to the Shenghu Puqua lake next to the Vainonia Temple to bathe.
As for the Brachnon Temple other than Puxi card, the inverse clockwise is written according to the Indian geographic location as follows:
1. Northern India Area: County Treatment in Kutu County, Himachal County.
2. Northwest Industry: Abitra of Barotira Township, Barmmel County, Rajasthan, Guajama, Town, Gujarat Laham.
3. West India Area: Sopara, Sopara, Mumbai, also found a viomenica statue of about 1.8 meters. Brahma-Karmali, Government of Braango
4. Southwest Industry: Hilu Narah in Kerala. During the Nine Night Festival, people went to the Vainan Temple Sacrificial Sacrifice and Celebration in Hunana.
5. Southeast Industry: Thalpattur, Kun Daman, Tangabur County, Tanir Nadu, Tematu Parupattur, Temati, Tamil Nadu. This temple is also the meditation of Vyakrapatha. Srikahasi in Andhlla also has a temple for Wara.



Although Brahma is one of the three main gods in Hindu, rarely Hindu is actually worshiping him. Today, India has a hundred thousand temples to serve the second of the three main gods, but the temples serving the Gas are extremely rare.
The most famous Vainon Temple is located in the town of Rajasthan, the town. Other temples are located in Karala, Holuna, Dangnad Tintangan, Tamberg County, Rajasthan Babalmel County Balotiita, Baltra, Goa Brahma-Karmali, Brahma-Karmali, Gujarat County, Gujarat County, Kutbrahama, Gujarat County, Kutuu County, Gujarat. During the Nine Night Festival, people went to the Vainan Temple Sacrificial Sacrifice and Celebration in Hunana.
The town of Gujarat’s town Kedbrahama also has a statue of Brass. Sopara, Sopara, Mumbai, also found a viomenan statue of about 1.8 meters. Srikahaas in Andhli is a temple for Wara.
Many of the Indian myths mentioned that Brahmin was lacking in the earth because of curse.
1. On the occasion of the universe, the vhenja and the Vainons encountered the huge forests (阳 具) of the wet Po, so the two sides are divided into the starting point and end of Lawa. The vhena slave is responsible for looking for the end, and Brahk is responsible for finding the starting point. The award slave turns a wild boar, continuous mining; Brahma turns into a swan, flying up. But I have been looking for a long time, I still can’t find the goal. The vhenk slave had to give up, kneel in front of the wet Po, indicating that the wet beauty is the real Van. But Brahma did not give up, he continued to fly until it was found to show the trees. Because Brahma is not willing to show weakness, he asked to show the trees to witness for him, saying that Brahma has discovered the starting point of Linga. At this time, the whole, the wet is angry, cursing Brahma, making him not worship by the three people. However, the wet woman blessed the vowetry, saying that he would get the same worship as yourself.
2. One saying is that Brahma created a wisdom woman’s debut, and the debut should be a daughter, but the Brahma has appreciated the day, there is a violation of ethics, so his head is cut off, also Therefore, it is not loved by Wet uttarakhand latest news today Po.
3. One said that the San Bilgus invites Brachny to participate in a sacrifice, but Brahma is immersed in the music of his wife, completely ignored the call of the saint, the saint is grateful, and it will curse Brahma. Never no human beings will worship him.



According to historical legends, Brahma created the Sanskz letters Brāhmī, and the Chinese literature also found the same record:
First, Tang Xuanzang “Datang Western Region” jharkhand covid news Volume 2 said: “Details of the text, Brachny, the original, 47 words” (47 letters). “
Second, “The Tang Dynasty Ximen Temple Didth Master (? ~ 683) has such a record in its name” Fayuan Zhuolin “:” The Lord of the past book, all three people. Long name, the book is right; the second is Lu Lu, his book is left; the young man is fascinating, his book is down. “(” Da Zhengang “, 53, 351, below
Sanskrit letters become the earliest writing symbols in the Indian peninsula, and general scholars believe that in the third century BC. Since the beginning of the century, Vo-see is transformed into a multi-font Gupta. In the sixth century, there will be a Siwalf font SiddHAM, until the eleventh, second century, Tiancheng font devanagarī replaces the swallium font and use it so far. In the 19th century, virat kohli hindi news Europeans began to transfer Sanskrits with Latin letters, but they were parallel with Tiancheng font.
Take the most popular Tiancheng alphabetic example, Tiancheng’s letter has a long-term spelling of Sanskrits and has a continuous expansion in the range of India, so it is called Sanskrit alphabet. The Tiancheng Body Letter is a standard letter from the Indian Buddhist community and internationally recognized written Sanskrit.
Tiancheng, Sanskrit is Devanāgarī, translation is the city in heaven. Why is the city in the sky? Because according to the documentation, Sanskitan letters are created by the god of the universe “Gomo”. Brahma, that is, the Chinese commonly known as “four sides of Buddha”, the Buddha’s name “Daxiang Tiangu”. Because it is “Brahma”, it is called “Sanskrit”.
The Sanskrit breaking news aaj ka breaking news letter is the text used by the gods of the heavens, so it is also known as “Tiancheng”. Each letter in the Sanskrit letter represents a source of power, in India, people often meditate on Sanskrit letters when cultivating “yoga”. When I read Buddhism, I asked the pronuncation. Because the Sanskrit word spelling and pronunciation absolute rules, using the true words of Sanskrit letters, it can be said to be written, but also maintain the pure Sanskrit pneumonmark voice, so use Sanskrit Letters spelling really the best choice for monologist.
Indian writing history, Brahma’s writing format is, from left to right, horizontal writing, words and words do not leave spaces, one sentence continuously spelled from head to tail. So the ancient writing Sanskrit and copying India sacred “Veda” and other literature, the word and the word is no space separated, until modern, orthodox “Sanskrit” and “Indian” words and words There is also no space separation. Since India in modern Western writing format, India began to imitate the Western format, and the word and words were separated from the word, which destroyed the writing format set by Brahma and weakened to some extent The mana of Sanskrit letters.
Note: Whether it is a Sanskrit, or the Tiancheng Body Sanskrit, orthodox writing is that there is no space between the words and the words. Today, some people write the Sanskrit in the name of the word and the words. This is unregulated. And unfilled practices. As shown in Figure 1, the 19th century Indian handwritten version of Sanskrit “pear Veda”, orthodox Sanskrit is not spaced between the words and the words.



Buddhist explanation: Brahma, Transliterango Hohe The translation is clear, abrupt. Indian thinking will be the root of the roots ‘Van’, which is gratitude, to create God, Hindu, Hindu, and Wit Po (? Iva), Viwux slaves (Vatican Vi? Nu) and called Brahmin and Hindu three Great God. According to the Mono Code, Brahma is from the golden tire (Vic), the original five heads, one of them is destroyed, the remaining four heads, with four hands, all of the Vedic classic, lotus, spoon, rosary or Album. Buddhism will be listed as the beginning of the color world. Generally divided into three kinds, that is, Buddhism (Brahma-Pāri? Ada), Van (Brahma-Purohita) with Big Brahman, generally known as Brahman. Among them, the big Vatican king finally crushed the people of the Buddhism, and the arrogant ministers.
It is usually called Brahma, mostly refers to Dado King, also known as the Vatican, known as the neighborhood (Van. Ikhin) or the World Lord (Brahn Prajāpati). According to the ancient legend of India, for the beginning of the robbery, from the sound of the sound of the world, the Buddhists thought that they were a Buddhist god of Buddhism with the emperor. Shi Zun once promoted the day to the mother, decreased, the Vatican is the right of the Buddha, holding white; or is a Brahma and Moro king portrait. Daxiang Tianwang is long, a half of the life, and the palace who lives, it is called the Vatican Palace. The secret education will be listed as one of the twelve days and guarded above. The brigade is like a four-sided four arms, the right hand holds lotus, the number, the left hand, the army, make a philanthropy, take the sewing car, and wear the crown. It also supports the repair of large Vainons, called Brahma. [Daizhi discussion volume ten, big weddam sat) 98, Da Daily has a roll 5, the interpretation of the end, the Tang Western Region 4]
Fantasy MAHA ^ Brahma ^ -deva, Bali name. On the third day of the legendary day of the color world. Also known as the Van Ganzi, Brahma, Vatican, Dawang, Vatican (Vatican Brahma ^ Sanam! Kuma ^ RA), World Lord Translapses have made more than Caps, and the Vatican is three. Big Brahma is independent, it is the father of all beings, it is natural, no one can be created, and all sentient beings are all sentient; and it has been known to the meaning of the crime, leading the world, with the most rich Haoistist. Big Brahma is the gods since the San San Shuchi, and the Brahman, Brahmen, is the highest respected principle.
Covered in the end of Indian Pear Veda era, to pray for the primary gods (Brahman! As -Pati) to God, and regarded the principle of universe generation. At the beginning of the Soonch Times, the highest god is the highest god (Praja ^ Pati). Not long, the worship of Van Vatican is determined by the gods of prayer. At the beginning, Brahma was a son of the god of the gods, and then gradually became a trend, and he made the status of the Lord God and became the principle of creating the world. To the era of the Otys, Big Vaina has a must (Vatican Satya), knows (Vatican JN ~ A ^ Na), Miao Le (Brahman A ^ Nanda) and other three nature, and is the only unique alone, this one The absolute principle is combined with the individual (Brahman A ^ Tman), producing ‘Brahm I as a saying, this is the midst of the bust. To the era of Capricorn (Brahma ^ BHA ^ Rata), due to the beginning of ‘one three points’ (Vatic Trimu ^ RTI) thoughts, (佛 b b ^) and the vowette (Van Vis! N! U) ), Wet Po (Vatican S / IVA) two gods were the same, and the beginning of the beginning of the three, then he gradually ranked down.
In the tribute to Buddhism, it is worthy of the world of such a road, and the two worlds, the second world, the foundation of the Van Gogh, usually there are three and four things. Three 即 大 论 论 卷 九The versatus, the Buddhist sky, the Buddhism, the big Brahma ‘, the three and the four are generally referred to as Brahma.
According to the large-year-old, the big Brahman is a 10-year-old, and the birthday is a half-life, and he is in the five middle, and the completion of the five-in-law. Live, then five in the middle of the robbery, it is in the middle of the first gravel (early Zen Day). Also in the Billy, there are often passes, often carrying this king is confident, the Buddhism, etc. Righteousness and Buddha Q & A; After the emperor is released by the Buddha, protect the land, and respect the Secretary for Division.
The secret education is one of the twelve days of Vain, or one of the thousands of Guanyin twenty-eight. The column is located in the south of the East Gate of the Mandala of the Piece of Tibetan, with a white meat, and wearing a hair crown, there are four-sided four arms. According to Da Nishi, it is a lot of the lotus, and the left hand is held by the army; the left hand is holding the army. Its seed is 揬 (PRA). According to the Daily Tongxue, the truth is: Nancheng (transferee) (Praja ^, all life) Multi-slings (Pataye, the main) [阿 含 卷 forty-four, long A-mail 14th Vatican
Dimension, volume sixteen strong Sound roll three]
Unlike India, Brahma Faith in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, especially Thailand, in Thailand, in Thailand, the Buddhist belief in Thailand, is said to have a rich and auspicious function of the world, There are very many believers in Southeast Asia.
Taiwan Dado Fantai, the first is that the Six Fort Stack of Old Sales is coming back from Thailand from Thailand, which is dedicated to the air land behind the hotel. It is a three-year incense. There are believers in the past 24 hours. The flowers are full of surprises, quite conspicuous. It was listed as one of the top ten prayers of Taiwan. Location in Taipei, located in the open space behind the intersection of Changchun Road and Songjiang Road.
Macau has two big Van Ganrahi: a side of the Macao Macao Parking, another next to the International Center near the Macau Passenger Terminal.
The Chinese generally calls Dadoko as “all-sided Buddha”, people say “there is a must-see” Buddha, the Buddha has four Buddha faces, representing all affairs of love, career, health and fortune, and managing the world, is the most popular Buddha statue in Thailand. one. For those who believe in Buddhism, they will not worship four Buddhas in Bangkok, just like they are not imagined. It is said that the spirit of the Four-faced Buddha is beyomed to be very common, so some tourists have saved Thailand in order to stay in front of the four sides of Buddha, and there are many Hong Kong and Taiwan film and television stars. I have come to Thailand to worship four Buddhas, I can see the charm of the four-faced Buddha.
Former Buddha, the Buddha, “Brahma”, “Brahma), is one of the three gods in India, is the god of the heavens and the earth, the father of all beings, and the king of the heavens are boundless, master the people in the world, and have a lofty mana. Daxing Tiangu king has four sides, eight ear, eight arms, eight hands, each hand is observed, there is a long-term sense: one hand is flagged (representative of universal mana); one hand holding a Buddhist scriptures; one hand holding skills (representative Blessing); one hand holding a clause (representing disasters, devil, destroying trouble); one hand holding the right (representing the first achievement); one hand holding the kettle (representing thirst, the necessity should be required); one hand holds the reincarnation (representative reincarnation); one hand Chest hand print (representative bless). When people stay in the Buddha, they usually use flowers, fragrant candles, wooden icons to sacrifice God, or release the sparrow, and some will hire a few girls wearing the Thai national costumes in front of the Buddha’s song, and it is intended to sacrifice. Thank God or wish. Thailand
Brahma is in the heart of the believers. Brahman, Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most prosperous religious strong religious rural points in Thai incense, junited in the Ratchadamri Road and Phloen Chit Road, the center of Bangkok, adjacent to the Junyue Hotel and Sogo Department Store. In this way, the reason for the Van Ganfang is said to be in the 1956 Erawan Hotel (Jun Hyatt Hotel), there is a series of unfortunate accidents, and therefore, I have invited a mage to practice, according to the recommendation for the Sama, so It is safe. There are many Buddhists and Hindu in this year to worship, including the most people in Hong Kong and Singapore. The believers believe that the Brahma is extremely good. If the wish is reached after praying, believers must prepare the sacrifice to come to this reward again, even they or hire people to perform songs and dance.
Brahma(2 photos)
In Thailand and Southeast Asia, Brahma is considered a kind of benevolent gods, so we must eat vegetarian before, on the day before, the day, to express the love of animals, and believe in animals in daily life.
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What is Tang Yan not seek him only? He is the Lord of the Western World, Yu Emperor, and all the best!

On the road, Sun Wukong does have multiple calls, inspected the monsters and the episode of the Tiangong to find the emperor. However, in the early Journey to the West, this is called every day, calling is not Yu Emperor, not as come, but the Northern Dagan. In the short period of “Poetry” popular, he is the largest god in the West.


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WTO (WTO) against Indian sugar export subsidies appealed to comply with international obligations

  Indian cane farm

  YNTW.COM Sugar Report This week, the Global Sugar Alliance meeting in London was held in London, chanakya news exit poll 2019 and the Global Sugar Alliance members urged countries to defend the multilateral trade system, reiterated to support Australia, Brazil and Guatemala in the world. Cases take action in trade.

  The 12th ministerial meeting of WTO achieved substantial progress in agricultural reforms – increasing market access, reducing distortion trade barriers, and supports canceling export subsidies. Strengthening the WTO (WTO) to restore the WTO resolution system, the WTO (WTO) against India’s sugar export subsidies, and call for India to comply with its international obligations.

  The WTO expert group in Australia, Brazil and Guatemala against Indian sugar export subsidy cases are generally expected. Greg Beashel, a Great Managing Director of the Global Sugar Co., Ltd. “It is very powerful for India’s sugar export subsidies. We msd retirement news look forward to its rapid solution. The sugar market does not require India’s sugar export subsidies.” He said, “We expect the expert group to ruling that there is a fundamental in India’s sugar system Defects, violates the commitment to India in the WTO, need to reform. “

  India decided not to vanguard news today provide sugar export subsidies for 2021/22 seasons, and accelerated its lack of sugar cane production ethanol, Global Sugar Alliance called this is a welcome preference, and calls for India to further terminate Its sugar export subsidies and reduces its excessive domestic sugar price protection support according to its WTO obligations.

  Eduardo Le O de Sousa, executive director of the Brazilian Sucrose Industry Association (UNICA, said we welcome India’s non-subsidized participation in the world’s sugar market. The Indian government, the Indian ethanol fuel distribution department and the sugar sector are facing major challenges in launching ethanol mixing routes. He said that with experience in the past 50 years, Brazil will continue to cooperate with India to carry out technical exchanges to ensure the success of the ethanol cbse news hindi line. Reduce greenhouse gas, will also help improve the air quality of the main city of India, “he said.

  Leopoldo Bola OS, Guatemalago Manufacturer Association (ASAZGUA) International Trader Leopoldo Bola OS encouraged India to comply with its commitment to WTO. “The World Sugar Market does not need another indian sugar subsidy to low prices, which will bring huge costs to the world’s most efficient sugar producer.”

  Sandra Marsden, chairman of the Canadian Sugar Association, said that the Indian sugar export subsidies, reducing the support of distorted trade, and gradually expanding the market access opportunities for the global trade system, in line with our interests of our owners.

  The Global Sugar Trade Reform and Liberal Alliance brings together 85% of sucrose exporters around the world. Global Sugar meerut latest news in hindi Alliance Members (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, South Africa and Thailand) are active advocates to improve the global sugar industry. Members work closely to ensure the operation of sugar and ethanol market in fairness and ethanol in the WTO agricultural negotiations.

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Milings: Taiwan authorities were invited to participate in the Democratic Summit, China must be strong

[Editor Press] This article is authorized by Joe Xinsheng himself, reproducing from the public account “Qiaoxheng”.US Finance Minister has prepared a full public opinion for increasing the tax burden of multinational companies, but so far, the US Democratic Government does not have large-scale increased tax burden on multinational companies. This happens is because the US Democratic Government is worried about the tragedy of the French revolution. Nowadays, the United States has already caught the abyss of national capitalism, and the US federal government’s welfare policy will lead to the US fiscal deficit to continue to expand. If the US Congress step on the brakes, the US federal government is forced to close, and the United States may face more trouble.

The US Department of Labor issued a report. In August 2021, 4.3 million workers in the United States left jobs, including goods transportation, trade, retail, and production, labor gaps were most obvious. This marks that the US parts supply chain faces great pressure, and the United States may lose manufacturing capacity due to lack of workers.

Some economic scholars in the United States said that the United States is facing such a dilemma because the US inflation pressure is getting bigger and bigger. US inflation rate increased by 5.4% year-on-year and reached the highest level since 2008. Due to the increasing inflation, the expenditure of the US family has increased rapidly, while labor salary income, causing the speed of inflation, and therefore, the US industry workers choose to leave the job, join the unemployment army. Doing so can get unemployment insurance and family assistance from the US government.

After the top 2020, the US government implemented a rescue plan, and the US ordinary middle class family can receive a rescue that the US federal government issued. At that time, some economic scholars believe that the US federal government plan may result in further increase in the US unemployment rate. However, some scholars believe that the approach of the US federal government is conducive to maintaining social stability, solving the difficulties of the American middle class family, and does not lead to an increase in unemployment rate.

It seems that because the US inflation is getting bigger and bigger, the income of the US middle class family member employment is relatively low, so choose Leave jobs and may get more government assistance funds.

People are worried about whether the US economy will completely collapse if this situation continues. This fear is not reasonable. If the US federal government continues to expand the size of the fiscal deficit, continue to distribute a rescue to the middle class family, then the US federal government may completely bankrupt.

However, the United States will not break the inflation revolution. This is because, so far, the US federal government still retains restraint, does not implement its own “rich tax” program, cut the big knife to the US rich.

This is because the US Democratic Government is very clear and constantly issuing rescue funds to the US middle class family, which can ease the social contradiction, but if the fiscal deficit is reduced, the US federal government may be completely easter.

2nd puc result 2021 karnataka news

As early as 1780, France has encountered a problem similar to this. As the country in Europe, France has the most populous countries in Europe, far from some countries such as UK, but French tax rate is relatively low, so French finance is very tight. The strategy taken by the King of France is to investigate taxes. Those rich people who are taxed, use the public opinion tools you have, constantly publicize, the French king life is extravagant, and a lot of tax payments will be used for personal consumption. They encouraged the middle and low-income residents to reveal from the French Dynasty. France broke out an unprecedented revolution.

good news for assam govt employee

The US Democratic Government seems to be premonstated. If it is directly transferred to the US multinational and rich taxation, it may face the same bad luck. Because of this, the US Democratic Government emphasizes the need to increase the tax burden of multinational companies, but on the other hand, “Thunder and heavy rain”, do not have a large increase in tax burden, the US fiscal deficit continues to latest news on cbse class 12 exam increase.

It can be said that the reason why the US Democratic Government increases the financial deficit without opening a source of tax, increasing the tax burden of US multinational companies, and the root cause is that this will face a great risk. If the US multinational companies make full use of their own social opinion tools, refuse to support the US Democratic Government, then the US Democratic Party may be rushed to the stage at any time.

new18 live news hindiThe US federal government has actually made US monopoly capitalism into national capitalism. The biggest feature of national capitalism is that the country has mastered the economic lifetime, the state and capital closely. When the US federal government will expand the financial deficit, the US monopoly capitalism has become national capitalism.

The US national capitalism has the following two aspects: First, to issue a rescue to the US middle class family, the implementation of the national welfare policy implemented by the Hitler government; second, the government increase investment, pulling economic telangana colleges reopen latest news growth, large scale The infrastructure construction plan allows more and more companies to become a company-controlled company or the state shareholding company. US national capitalism is likely to enable the United States to walk on the end of the road.

People’s doubt is that Scandinavian Peninsula countries implement social welfareism, and it is also to issue a variety of social welfare to residents. Why didn’t Scandinavia? This is a very valuable problem.

First of all, Scandinavian Peninsula countries are countries with special way to achieve primitive accumulation, and the country is relatively small.

The original accumulation of Scandinavian Peninsula is well known. They have obtained the original accumulation through pirates, and on this basis, the monarch constitutional country is established. The mandarin of the Scandinavian Peninsula, not only ensures political stability throughout the country, but also more importantly, due to huge wealth, you can issue a variety of benefits to residents, so you can quickly achieve the benefits from national capitalism. Transformation of theism.

Scandinavian Peninsula State known as welfare socialism, the root cause is that these countries have a lot of wealth. Since the state is relatively small, the population is relatively small, as long as the company has certain international market competitiveness, the entire national welfare system can be fully guaranteed.

Scandinavian Peninsula has generally enjoyed rich fisheries resources, and there is a huge original accumulation of wealth. Therefore, implementing welfareism will not lead to absolute poverty throughout the country. Scandinavian peninsula is generally attached to education. Improve education level is the most effective investment. Since the level of education in the entire country is relatively high, the quality of the national is relatively high. When the national people enjoy a variety of social welfare, they naturally hope to use their own intelligence, contribute to the state, and the entire country will form a well-running situation.

Loose political environment, free social atmosphere, as well as high-quality citizens, making Scandinavian national welfare capitalism, usually misunderstood as welfare socialism. In fact, these countries still make full use of capital to create wealth, and the entire country is still the capitalist form. However, capitalists are very low in Scandinavian peninsula. If the capital is showing money in Scandinavian Peninsula, it will become the sky. Scandinavian peninsula capitalists use their wealth for technology inventions, and constantly promote productivity forward.

Analysis of welfare capitalism Scandinavia Scandinavian countries, people generally can conclude that: the national population size is relatively small, constitutional monarchy, political stability, coupled with the quality of the population is relatively high, relatively free society as a whole citizens enjoy a relatively high social welfare, therefore, Scandinavian countries showing a state of healthy development.

American state capitalism is completely different. In the United States a free capitalist stage, there is no social security welfare system, a relatively small deposit of middle-class residents. Enter the stage of monopoly capitalism, the growing gap between rich and poor. After a major outbreak, the US federal government to maintain law and order, stable unemployment rate, continue to grant aid and to middle-class families, resulting from the US monopoly capitalism quickly slid into state capitalism. State holds the “middle-class family’s basic needs.”

Because middle-class family members can enjoy the benefits provided by the Government, therefore, to work for them it has lost its meaning. More importantly, the vast majority of SMEs in the United States, the US government can obtain interest-free loans from the Small Business Administration, therefore, the United States will not take the initiative for SMEs close of business, as long as open for business, even if there is no revenue, may also receive US Federal government-issued assistance payments. Such aid system led to the US economy is in an idle state.

Conscience of the American middle class family, do not want to remain in the business of SMEs do not, they would rather go home, receive aid and US federal government, the United States is not willing to help small business owners to defraud the federal government’s relief funds. The United States is the world’s third large-population countries, such as social welfare model, not only will quickly emptied the treasury of the United States federal government, but more importantly, will the United States of state capitalism unsustainable. This situation continues, the US bankruptcy will be inevitable.

Secondly, the Scandinavian countries have the formation of healthy corporate culture. Business in Scandinavia, and for the international market, the development of their obligations, has become relatively stable state financial support forces.

As long as multinationals in-depth analysis of the world people will find that many multinational companies Scandinavia Scandinavian countries, business is very extensive. These companies not only have the ability to fight against market risks, and more importantly, their products rely on the accumulation of intellectual property rights, can achieve stable growth of wealth.

Scandinavian island tax system, while multinationals “not very friendly”, however, multinational Scandinavia Scandinavian country has not transferred its headquarters to the “companies registered in offshore centers.” . The reason is that the country’s political stability Scandinavia, good social welfare, quality of employees is relatively high, most of the burden of government welfare workers, therefore, no reason to multinational corporations relocate to other countries.

The economic situation Scandinavia Scandinavian countries analyzed, not advocating “a small country”, but to economists realize that when a country’s economy and population size is relatively small when technological advantages or special institutional strengths , they are likely to make the country in a state of rapid development.

Conversely, a relatively large size of the country, like the United States, if the implementation of national welfare policy throughout the government will be overwhelmed. In fact, neither the US health care reform plan, or the United States in order to control major epidemic grant relief funds to the American middle-class family, the US budget deficit have been expanding rapidly. If the Democratic Party government in accordance with United States economic development plan to expand the budget deficit, accelerate the pace of infrastructure construction, then, it may ultimately lead to the complete bankruptcy of the US economy.

Year German government to implement Hitler’s state capitalism, so that Germany embarked on a war of no return. Now the United States decided to introduce state capitalism, by the pace of the expansion of the fiscal deficit, speed up infrastructure construction, continue to be paid by relief funds, increase welfare of residents. The result of this is to make more and more middle-class family members to leave their jobs, become free riders.

When middle-class family members rely on government welfare subsistence, the United States will become precarious. If the US war abroad, one should not be surprised. This is because the US fiscal policy is not sustainable. When the US budget deficit to expand to a certain size, the United States increasingly high unemployment, middle-class American family members doing nothing when, in order to divert attention, to ease internal contradictions, the United States would create conflict by waging war or cover up the truth.

All in all, the outbreak of the American Revolution will not, however, American state capitalism astray. Unless the scientific and technological revolution, leading to a rapid increase in wealth, otherwise, the Democratic administration of US fiscal policy, not only will not let the US economic recovery, but will make the United States into a hopeless abyss.

France then taxing the rich, the outbreak of the French Revolution. If the US Democratic Party government decided to tax the multinationals, the US Democratic Party government could quickly collapse.

To be sure, the US Democratic Party government has seen the coming crisis, therefore, on the one hand want to add to the deficit, slow crisis, on the other hand hopes on a miracle, rapid US economic recovery. However, the US Federal Reserve Board has been somewhat impatient. US multinationals worried that the US federal government’s tax policies implemented, suffered damage to their own interests, therefore, they do not wholeheartedly support the federal government’s fiscal policy. For the Government of the United States Democratic Party, it is necessary to avoid a repeat of the tragedy of the French Revolution, while also preventing the entire state capitalism lead to national bankruptcy. US Democratic presidential dilemma.

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capital of china and language
capital of china and language

US ambassador has exposed home ugly, in the United Nations, the United States, US Gaster Jumping: It is a global news

After Biden came to the stage, he not only retained all sanctions on the implementation of the China in Trump, but also opened up a new battlefield in the field of human rights, and did dozens of Western countries have added new sanctions to China, attempted to pass rumors and Drawing the way, reaching the purpose of ourselves.

However, we all know that the biggest human rights infringed the country is just the US own, about this time I have listed countless iron certificates, and recently, even Americans also tokyo olympics 2021 latest news india in hindipublicly admitted this fact. According to the media 20th, the US Ambassador Greenfield, who was in Greenfield, was rarely exposed to the ugliness of the Human Rights Council.

She frankly, racism is not the problem of humanism, but the issue of this society, I have witnessed how to adhere to the sages of the slavery, how to edit the “white-to-middleism” into the United States, the United States, the founding document and principles of. This speech immediately triggered an uproar, many US media and politicians jumped out to accuse Greenfield’s criticism is too much, and even some extreme sounds ask her to resign bharat band news latest immediately.

In fact, Greenfield is known as one of the most outstanding black diplomats in the United States. She is clear what they are doing. When they say this self-criticism, it is actually just to accuse China’s paving, but very Obviously this trick “turns”.

haryana board latest news

In the case of an interview, the US Secretary of State said that the above speech should be condemned because the United States is a “high-rise” place. He completely disagree with this “United States Jianguo” called a corruption and defective thing. What is more incredible is that the US Governments actually accused of Greenfield’s speech is Chinese media teaching, “Wall Street Journal” and even directly challenging the views of her from “Global Times”, what is the sashion No words.

Of course, the reason why the United States reacts is so strong, not because Greenfield is wrong, it is precisely because of telling the truth, let the American politicians are miami dolphins news angry. If they understand the history, they will know that the US Father Washington is a slave owner. There are hundreds of black slaves in his hand.

The issue of black discrimination against the old man talks, this is a matter of life, but more people don’t know that American society is more serious and worrying about Asian discrimination and violence.

According to data statistics, 2020 is more than 149% of Asian American hate more than 2019, and this year’s criminal act is more frequent, and the news of Asian migrants is constantly exposed, even the Secretary-General of the United Nations is not Condemn this kind of behavior. In addition, the US current vaccine has been very high, and the number of new crown diagnosis can be added to the daily new crown, and it is really not known to have a problem of vaccine, or the United States has a problem.

Domestic epidemics died of nearly 60,000 people who did not mourn and reflect, but they stared at the things of the country all day, and even clicked into fake news malicious. Speaking of fake news, the United States is definitely the world’s largest fake news manufacturing center, this logic is very understanding, Biden and Trump accuse each other to support each other’s media, then at least one is true.

Finally, it is necessary to explain that the American society has been completely made by Asian hate crimes, and American politicians and media are not spun China 24 hours a day, and the potentials that are out of control will go to us. Those extremists are not If you vent, take the Asian Knife, exacerbate the tear of the American society, so Washington eventually lifted the stone to smash his feet.

china china china
china china china

November 30, US Macro Vehicle Reminder: Confusion Consumer Confidence Index and Powell Speech

Fin ropar news today Federation (Shanghai, editing Huang Jizhi),Lock the world’s important macro data release time, daily update is not lost.

The following is a specific arrangement for US macro data released on November 30:

22:00 US September S & P / CS20 large cities have not quarterly rate index rate (19.3% forecast value, 19.7%)

22:45 United States November Chicago PMI (predicted value 67.0, the previous value 68.4)

23:00 US November Advisory Chamber Consumers Confidence Index (predicted value 110.9, the first value 113.8)

Central bank and government dynamics

23:00 Fed Chairman Powell Powell today live news polimer

23:00 US Finance Minister Yellen’s Speech

23:30 President of the New York Federal Reserve, the FOMC Permanent Ticket Committee, John Williams,

Today 02:00 US FOMC Member Clarida Speech

Global important index change

The United States has a monthly increase in the subsidy index of the house in October, the monthly rate barmer hindi news is 7.5%, the previous value is -2.4% (revised).

Japan’s acquisition is 1.15 in October, and the first value is 1.16.

Japan October Industrial output monthly rate is 1.1%, the previous value is -5.4%.

Germany’s November season has changed the latest value of -34 million, and the previous value is -39,000.

Germany’s November season has a maximum of 5.3%, a previous value of 5.4%.

(Editor: Li Jiajia hn153)

china regions
china regions

"Don’t be confused! This is Beijing, not India"

surat airport news In recent years, as India’s development is getting faster and faster, India seems to be a bit floating, and it is beginning to think of a higher frequency in China and the United States, and even strive for Asia first in some areas Recently, India publicized the upcoming Asian major airports, but they had an indian embarrassment.

Will India will build the largest airport in Asia and publicize Beijing?

India has released the news. In the Northern State, the largest “Nouva International Airport” in Northern China, the airport will become a logistics portal and export center, bhasad newsand in 2024, the first phase of the project was completed, and the annual passenger traffic was 1.2 million. Of course, it can’t be said. So, in India’s people, while bragging, it also produced the publicity posters and videos of Nocad Airport, but they were seen by netizens.

I saw the publicity map of Indian politicians was the starfish plan of Beijing Daxing Airport. At the same time, the first 1-5 seconds in the propaganda film was still Beijing Daxing Airport, and the latter picture of India Airlines was connected. How to escape the eyes of netizens, so netizens in the tweet, the Satsuned Indian government epf 1995 pension latest news”The largest airport in India actually in China” “This is Beijing, not Indian” message also brush. These promotional materials have been deleted in the North Korea and India of public opinion.

The incident of the airport promotion map is not the Oolong, how can the official propaganda? How can I make such a low-level mistake? However, this is not the first time in India relying on “self-deception” to satisfy his vanity. Once China’s Indian health wad is refused to rent a giant panda, and India will apply black and white pigments to the zoo ‘s animals and hung up the panda in the entrance of the zoo. In order to show the strength of the Indian army, the Indian government will re-encapsulate the imran khan actor latest news Indian officers who have been hit by Pakistan and arrested into battle heroes. On the issue of China-Indian border, India is also to highlight its own strength. Hu complaining with a chaotic Chinese soldier, until China has taken a video, India has been smashed …

This indian self-deception is in almost every day. India is to have someone else through this forced boast. If India is through these things to enhance national confidence, it is better to do something practical, that is really Confidence, always so self-deception, just like jump beams.

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china breaking news today
china breaking news today

Interpretation NHL: Level The world’s highest North American people are crazy

  Sina Sports News National Ice Hockey League (NHL, National Hockey League) is the world’s highest level of ice hockey competition, one of the four major professional movements in North America. Its influence in the United States is slightly influential in football, basketball, etc., but in Canada, the people of the country are crazy for this movement. The 2015NHL draft is about to begin, Song Athon is expected to be the first Chinese player in NHL in the past 100 years. The following will explain those things of NHL one by one.

  Alliance division

  NHL consists of 30 teams, 24 of which are located in Canada in the United States. NHL divided the team into two alliances, each of the alliances, each of which were five teams in each. For a total of 24 Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup, a total of 24, a total of 24, is divided into the northeastern partition of the Eastern League.

  Game system

  A complete NHL season is divided into two parts of the routine and the race. Each team of routine will be held 82 games, and the main guest farm has a half. The integration rules take a winning team to accumulate two points, the overtime failed team, and there is no points in the regular competition. After the end of the routine, the three partition champions in the two major alliances plus the five teams before the alliance points, and the 16th team will produce a 16th team to enter the playoffs. According to the “Eastern League Champion” and the “Western League Champion”, the General Finals of the Sixth Master (with the 7th Bureau 4 wins), and finally win the Stanley Cup.

  competition rules

  In the routine, each game consists of three sections, 20 minutes per game, 15 minutes between the section and the section for a break. After the formal game time, the number of teams won more than the number of people. If you have a time limit for 5 minutes, 5V5 gold, you will get a victory. If you still have not saved after the overtime game, you will win the ball. In the season, varanasi hindi news today the single-knife shot the ball was canceled, and the use of the 20-minute 5V5 overtime game, which was also taken from gold. Of course, the hidden rules of NHL “allowed fighting” are also topics of everyone, usually for tactics, and improving the competition against competition and ornamental considerations.

  Dose system

  NHL’s draft system started in 1963, all 18-20-year-old ice calling news hockey players around the world can participate in registration and accept 30 teams in the Alliance. The selection of NHL is scheduled for the following three results: routine rankings, playoff ranking and lottery, the more the team follows the results of the team, the more the principle of choice.

  Because the ice hockey team has a number of people, the characteristics of liquidity, the NHL’s draft seven rounds are taken. In general, the players in the first round of the elevation are very talented. Most of them will quickly become the main force in the Youth League. The second round to the seventh round of players generally have excellent performance, huge potential, and many important players and star players in the active parties are from the second round to the seventh round.

  After the election, there polimer news online live will be only 10 athletes will be added directly to NHL each year. Other players will return to their youth and university teams to continue, until their team leads them to appear on the stage of NHL .

  This year’s NHL dragons will include 221 election positions, more than 600 players from 14 countries, 44 leagues, including more than 300 players from North America, more than 100 players from Nordic, more than 100 players from Eastern Europe . (Yz)

Boston Bruins dresy
Boston Bruins dresy
Boston Bruins dresy
Boston Bruins dresy

SportFive helps NFTSTAR and NFL stars Maikafida into exclusive cooperation

Recently, the official official of the Ninth City of Internet Enterprises NFTSTAR, with the world-renowned rugby star Christian McCaffrey, reached an exclusive business partnership, NFTSTAR will exclusive development, sales and Digital collection of McCaffri. The cooperation was fully promoted by Sportfive / Lajiall Sports China, helping NFTSTAR to enhance the global brand influence and product list.

Echo Li, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Sportfive / Lajiadale Sports Great China, said: “We are very happy to promote NFTSTAR and McCaverry whatsapp news today cooperation, this combined digital technology news 24 live hindi and sports culture Cooperation, will create a unique digital asset for fans, effectively enhance the player’s business value and NFTSTAR brand influence. In the future, we will continue to use the Group’s strengths in the world’s leading edge, bringing the brand, sports IP and fans. Innovative digital experience. “

NFL football star Cristian McAfri

McCaffli is one of the top players of the American Football League (NFL). So far, the entire career is effective for Carolina Black Pantles, and running back. In 2019, McCaffli was selected as a full range of NFL All-Star Occupational Bowl, oneindia telugu news which was a total of more than 2,000 yards in the season. In April 2020, McCaffli renewed a four-year-worth tens of millions of dollars, making him the highest salary of NFL history. NFL is the first of the four major professional sports in North America, and is also the largest professional football big alliance in the world.

NFTSTAR is a digital collection community platform for users to buy, trading, interactive activities. Each digital collection has a unique mark on this platform, and the user has the only special right to pay for the collection, and digital collectibles can be traded with each other in the platform’s trading market. The NFTSTAR community platform covers stars in various fields, including but not limited to sports, entertainment, art, celebrity celebrities.

McCaverry will develop digital kaushambi newscollections with NFTSTAR’s creation teams and artists, including video, animation and other digital art, etc., record McCaverry career and personal growth. After the digital collection of McCaffli, the buyer will receive the collection on the platform, not tampered with a group of records that can not be deleted, and the only ownership of the collection is obtained.

In the future, SportFive / Laga de Sport will adhere to the development and innovation, continue to explore cooperation in the digital economic sector and brand, sports IP party, and make full use of new technology to expand the border of sports business economy, providing deep interactions for global sports fans Experience, help the sports industry in the era of the era created more digital business models.

alok industries share news NFL Trojor Stockholm
NFL Trojor Stockholm
NFL Trojor Stockholm

NBA: Player news headlines

DISCLAIMER: This site and the products offered are for entertainment purposes only, and there is no gambling offered on this site. This service is intended for adult audiences. No guarantees are made for any specific outcome. If davv exam news today you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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